Lumi 1.33

Relighting the world, one tree at a time


  • Great graphics
  • Polished gameplay
  • Excellent game design


  • Tutorial needs more control details

Very good

Lumi is a mixture of a platformer and puzzle game.

You play as a Lumi who are granted powers of magnetism and can relight the world plunged into darkness. Along the journey, Lumi has to defeat invaders and escape monsters by using the same abilities that are saving the world.

Controls in Lumi consist of one movement joystick and a jump button. You move Lumi by using the different polarized attractors while collecting fireflies dispersed throughout the level. With enough fireflies, trees in each level can be lit, bringing light back into the environment. The puzzle elements in Lumi involve smart use of the attractors while avoiding different hazards like enemies and water.

Graphics of Lumi are impressive. The multilayered environments appear lush and detailed. Even though the action takes places in the forefront, the backgrounds move in parallel with the movement of the player. Lumi also presents impressive lighting effects with the magnets and lighting of the environments.

Gameplay is varied over the different levels with a mixture of calm puzzles and frantic platforming. The precision of the controls adds to the overall excellence of the game, but sometimes it is difficult to backtrack in levels when forked paths are presented.

Lumi is a great presentation of puzzle and platform gameplay.



Lumi 1.33

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